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Asakusa Kimono Rental ICHI

2 minute walk from [Asakusa Station], 1 minute walk from [Senso-ji (Temple)]

2 minute walk from [Asakusa Station], 1 minute walk from [Senso-ji (Temple)]

ICHI has easy access to both the station and main tourist spots in Asakusa. It’s the perfect kimono rental place to choose for sightseeing kimono experience in and out of Asakusa.

Don’t worry –  Open to Reservations on the spot!

Don’t worry –  Open to Reservations on the spot!

Are you still deciding whether you want to wear the kimono or not? Don’t worry – you can make reservations online on the same day you want to wear the kimono!

Come in empty-handed! Everything you need is included in the plan.

Come in empty-handed! Everything you need is included in the plan.

Kimono, small items, hair accessories and hair styling are all included in the plan! Baggage storage is also free, so you can enjoy your Asakusa walk empty-handed. (* 550 yen for suitcase luggage.) 

No extra charge – Same fee for all kimonos!

No extra charge – Same fee for all kimonos!

Don’t worry about the extra fee that other stores will charge you for popular kimonos like lace kimonos, retro-antique kimonos, brand kimonos, etc. The price is the same regardless of which kimono you choose from our store.

600+ kimonos in stock!

600+ kimonos in stock!

We have a wide range of cute and popular kimonos in stock. We always have the latest kimonos here at ICHI – if you’re looking for new, popular kimonos, here’s the best store!

Discount for groups, students, and couples

Discount for groups, students, and couples

Our store offers several discount plans including: group discounts for more than 3 people, student discounts regarding age and nationality, couples discount for pairs.

Items Included
Asakusa Kimono Rental ICHI

* Hair styling is only for ladies.

Items of Ladie's Kimono
Items of Men's Kimono
Items of Ladie's Yukata
Items of Men's Yukata

Ladie’s Kimono:

Kimono, Obi (Sash Belt), Juban (Kimono Undergarment), Kimono Slip, Kimono Bag, Tabi (Kimono socks), Zori (Kimono shoes), Hair accessories
Hair Styling + Kimono fitting + Luggage Storage

Men’s Kimono:

Kimono, Obi (Sash Belt), Haori (Short coat for kimono), Haori belt, Han-juban (Kimono Undergarment), Kinchaku Bag (Drawstring Bag), Tabi (Kimono socks), Setta (Kimono shoes)
Kimono fitting + Luggage Storage

Ladies’s Yukata:

Yukata, Obi (Sash Belt), Kimono Slip, Hair accessories, Kinchaku Bag (Drawstring Bag), Geta (Yukata shoes)
Hair Styling + Yukata fitting + Luggage Storage

Men’s Yukata:

Yukata, Obi (Sash Belt), Steteco (Long Underpants), Geta (Yukata shoes), Kinchaku Bag (Drawstring Bag)
Yukata fitting + Luggage Storage

Hairstyling examples for Ladies


Style 1


Style 2


Style 3


Style 4


Style 5

Plan & Price
Asakusa Kimono / Yukata Rental

Student Discount Plan

Student Discount Plan

3,500yen / per person
Kimono or Yukata Rental Small items Rental Fitting Ladies Hairstyling Luggage Storage

Student ID is required for this plan. Available for university, high school and junior high school students! This plan offers over 600 different types of kimono rentals at a discount price, and no matter which one you choose, there are no additional charges. Cute hair stylings and unlimited amounts of hair accessories are included. You can choose brand kimonos and kimonos with the latest trend.

Couple Discount Plan

Couple Discount Plan

6,980yen / per pair
Kimono or Yukata Rental Small items Rental Fitting Ladies Hairstyling Luggage Storage

If you want to go on a Kimono-date in Asakusa, ICHI is the perfect store to choose. We offer more than 600 types of the latest kimonos for both men and women at same charge. ICHI is very easy to access as well – only 2 minute walk from Asakusa station and Senso-ji temple!

FULL Set Plan

FULL Set Plan

4,280 yen / per person
Kimono or Yukata Rental Small items Rental Fitting Hairstyling Luggage Storage

Still deciding what plan to choose from? This full set plan is for you! You can choose from over 600 kimonos. Hair styling and hair accessories is included in price as well. If you want to wear cute yukata, save the hassle by choosing stores near the station and sightseeing spots, ICHI is the store for you. Especially recommended for those who experience sightseeing in Asakusa for the first time. 

Group Discount Plan

Group Discount Plan

3,500yen / per person
Kimono or Yukata Rental Small items Rental Fitting Ladies Hairstyling Luggage Storage

If you’re sight-seeing Asakusa with several people, save up by reserving the group discount plan! Hair styling and accessories and included in price for ladies. We also have the latest trend kimonos for men as well!
*This plan can be used for group customers (3 persons or more)
*Available for more men and women (hairstyling is only for ladies)

Men’s Plan

Men’s Plan

4,280yen / per person
Kimono or Yukata Rental Small items Rental Fitting Luggage Storage

This plan is for men who are looking for stylish kimonos in Asakusa. Sizes are available from S, M, L, XL, 2XL. You can choose over various kimonos that will suit your style.

Furisode (Long sleeve Kimono) Plan

Furisode (Long sleeve Kimono) Plan

29,800yen / per person
Furisode Rental Small items Rental Fitting Hairstyling Luggage Storage

Furisode (Long-sleeved Kimono) is the highest kimono rank. It’s a special type of kimono with gorgeous, luxurious designs. Even Japanese people wear it only once or twice in their lifetime, such as during celebrations. Enjoy your precious “furisode experience” in Japan.

to Kimono Rental

Step 1. Reservation

You can reserve a session online (available 24 hours) from our website, at the latest 1 hour before your preferred time. For reservations on the spot, we recommend you call us before-hand.
*During peak season, there may be no vacancies – booking beforehand is recommended.

Step 2. Visit store and make payment

After visiting our store, please tell the staff your name (the person who booked with us). Once you have filled the reception form, you will be given a bag to store your luggage. Payment for kimono is made in advance.

Step 3. Choose your items and kimono

Our kimono plans come with everything you need, so you can come empty-handed.  From classics to kimono popular on social media, all kimono are priced the same, which is a feature of “Ichi”. Choose from over 600 varieties of kimono! If you’re unsure, feel free to consult our staff.

Step 4. Kimono fitting and hair styling

Relax and let our experienced kimono stylists get you dressed in a whim. All our kimono and yukata plans come with hair stylings for ladies too, with unlimited amounts of hair accessories. For hairstyles, you can choose from cute, trendy styles to Japanese-style hairs. You can enjoy our services empty-handed.

Step 5. You’re ready to go for Asakusa sight-seeing!

After you’re done with your payment, fitting, hairstyling and luggage storage, you are all ready to go sight-seeing Asakusa! Famous tourists’ spots including Senso-ji Temple, Kaminarimon Gate, Nakamise Shopping Streets are all just a few minutes’ walk from our store. Our rental shop is perfect for first-time visitors.

Step 6. Return kimono to store

Please return to our store no later than 5:30PM after exploring Asakusa as much as you like. If you want to rent the kimonos longer, we offer a next-day-return option, so feel free to ask our staff! This plan requires pre-payment, so be sure to inform our staff before your departure.

Asakusa Kimono Rental ICHI

What is the minimum height for wearing kimono?

For ladies, kimono is available from 148cm to 175cm. For men, we have kimono for 155cm to 195cm. We have kimonos that fit various body size as well.

 How long does it take from arrival to store until departure?

About 45 minutes to an hour is needed. Fitting takes about 15 to 20 minutes, hair styling about 15 minutes. It also takes some time to make reception, choosing accessories, etc., so please allow plenty of time for your visit.

Is it possible to keep my baggage inside the story while we sight-see?

Yes. We will lend you a bag to store all your belongings to keep in our store. For suitcases, an additional fee of 550 yen is needed.

Is hair styling included in the fee?

Yes. Hair styling for ladies is included in the plan fee.

Can I rent a kimono without reserving beforehand?

Yes. However, during peak hours or season, we may have to decline your request. We strongly recommend reserving beforehand.

Can you style our hair however we like?

Please choose a hairstyle from our popular hairstyle menu.

Do you have staffs that can speak English or Chinese?

Yes, but it depends on their workdays. You don’t have to be able to speak Japanese in order to rental from us.

Time Schedule

About 40 to 70 minutes required from reception.
*Depends on how much time spent choosing kimonos and small items.

Returning time

Until 5:30PM


Kimonos available for ladies: Height from 145 to 175cm approx.
Kimonos available for men: Height from 155 to 195cm approx.

“Student Discount Plan” and “Full Set Plan” is not available for men. Please choose from the following plans instead.

  • For 1~2 person “Men’s Plan”
  • For more than 3 person “Group Plan”
  • For male and female couple “Couple’s Plan”

Cute & High Cost Performance Kimono Rentals
Asakusa Kimono Rental ICHI

Popular lace kimono

Asakusa Kimono Rental ICHI offers a side selection from over 600+ kimonos, including popular lace kimonos and retro-antique kimonos. All plans include fitting, hairdressing and unlimited hair accessories with free baggage storage. If you want to sight-see Asakusa in a kimono at a reasonable price, ICHI is the perfect place!

Popular lace kimonos

Various discount plans are available including student discounts, group discounts, etc. The store is just a minute walk from station, and few minutes away from famous sight-seeing spots. Enjoy your walk in Asakusa wearing a cute kimono without any hassle!

Access to Shop
Asakusa Kimono Rental ICHI

Tokyo, Taito City, Hanakawado 1-7-5 Shirai Bldg. 2F

Open Hours9:30AM – 6PM
Final Rental session from4PM
Return kimono by5:30PM
HolidaysNone (Open everyday)
*Stores may close due to weather conditions
Access by Train[Asakusa Station] on Ginza Line – 2 minute walk
[Asakusa Station] on Tokyo Sky Tree Line – 2 minute walk
[Asakusa Station] on Toei Asakusa Line – 5 minute walk
Access to tourist spots from storeSenso-ji Temple – 1 minute walk
Kaminarimon Gate – 3 minute walk
Nakamise Shopping Street – 3 minute walk